We are a footwear company focused on design, development and production management.

Located in the North of Portugal, close to the heart of the Portuguese footwear industry, we have several years of experience and we have worked with a different range of European brands and for our internal market, including our brand – Lemoke.

Since worldwide well-known premium brands to fast-fashion ones, Spring Costume can respond to different needs and specifications. Whether if you aim to develop a large production to sell worldwide or if your goal its to start your footwear small business, we can be the best partner to support you in those first steps and, above all, follow you throughout your rising. 

our values


Spring Costume is a Portuguese company that born from a family tradition with more than 8 decades in Textile/Retail, while 4 of those in the Footwear Industry. We commit to deliver quality and to establish straight connections with the client and therefore assure his part of the journey.

our experience

With a deep knowledge of the productive system, we follow the process from the design, to the development and the production management, in order to assure that specific features of the shoe are performed, but most importantly, quality.


” With a young team led with many years of experience and tradition, we certainly believe we can achieve the shoes our customers designed. “



Quality as High Standard

Our team of skilled professionals ensures the apllication of the most suitable methodology and adequate process for each need. Therefore we are able to produce a different range of shoe styles , since a sport collection to a more classic styles.

History Leads Innovation

Tied with tradition it’s our aim to innovate, specifically on techniques, materials and shoe trends. Our history push us to progress and acknowledge the actual needs of the market so we can satisfy brands and consumers demands.

our certification

As a result of our work and experience, Spring Costume is certified by SGS highest standards of ISO 9001.

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